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It’s Not Easy Bein’ Green…

I am not a skinny yoga teacher. In fact, I am bodacious and full of curves, and am quite short, and sometimes, this seems to put people off. I am not lithe and bendy, I don’t look great in tie dye, and I am forty six years old. Miss Clairol and I have known one another well since I was around thirty three. Only my hairdresser knows what color my hair really is.

 I have had more than one student react in shock when I am the person that steps to the front of the class to lead the way, and many times that way does not include sun salutations or excessive sweat. Sometimes that way is deep stretch, or meditation, or alignment, or therapeutic flow. And yeah, sometimes the way includes tons of sun salutes that make even the toughest yogis break a sweat. It all just depends on who shows up, and what I sense they might need at that particular moment in time.  I don’t ever have a plan, I am always thinking on my feet as I go, and I don’t use a formula.

 Yoga is found not in outward things, like tie dyed yoga outfits or tiny, lithe bodies, or even rockin’ hard fancy arm balances, but rather in unseen things, such as a calm, gentle heart, the keen awareness of God in everyone, and the peace that comes from knowing who and what you really are. Asana is only a piece of the map one needs to arrive at a true state of yoga, and I think people have lost sight of that fact in pursuit of the perfect body.

Much of what is passing for yoga practice today is little more than asanaerobics, and it makes me really sad, because there’s so much more to being a great person than just a great bod.

It is a very difficult thing being different, but I am glad for the opportunity, for I believe it is those very differences that manifest what I have to give.

If you are looking for a yoga experience that isn’t just the same old thing, please come and visit one of my classes soon. I promise to really see you.



  1. Love your compassionate and gentle heart. Shhh don’t tell but I’m a freestyler too ;)

  2. Love you too Kiesha. :) I’m so glad I’m not alone in the whole freestyler thing. I hate the same old same old…