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Mint Hill Yoga is unusual in town because we see asana and meditation as holistic wellness tools that can be applied therapeutically, not as aerobic exercises. We are small, and can look at each student as an individual, remember your name, remember where you hurt and what your unique challenges are, and that is where we meet you on your mat. We present the physical practices in a step by step, easy way that is approachable by all people of all ages and in most physical and emotional conditions. All asanas are adapted to suit the individual, rather than taught as absolutes that can often lead to injury. We encourage students to move and flow(or not) in a way that is natural and appropriate for the individual, and leave fully aware of the miracle of embodiment. Breath is our guide in all things.


  1. Hello beautiful lady! Love the blog and love what you are doing for the Mint Hill yoga community!

  2. Moved to Mint Hill last July. I’ve been looking for a place to practice that has a class in the evening or weekends and is close to home. I’m hoping that you will have classes again this fall. Sorry I didn’t find you sooner! I miss practicing regularly and feel that I’ve lost the gains that I had made with flexibility and strength.

  3. I offer a class Monday nights at Hickory Grove United Methodist at 6401 Hickory Grove Road in the Family Life Center Building. We meet at 7pm until 8, and the class is $5 cash only. It’s mixed level at the moment, so I teach to the level of whoever shows up. This fall, it will be for Beginners or those that want to improve their asana alignment, and Wednesdays at the same time will be pretty much Fusion Vinyasa, if that’s your thing. Sunday class at Mint Hill Arts picks up again September 9 at 3pm. Check their website for registration and price details…www,!!!

  4. Nancy,
    Mint Hill Arts Sunday classes are cancelled since I am in process of opening my own small studio space. Contact me if you’d like class info, or check the class page. I’ll announce my opening date as soon as I am able, probably some time in the next month. Just getting my ducks in a row!!!

  5. CONGRATULATIONS on your studio! It sounds like a perfect fit. Don’t spend too much money at the yarn store. :)

  6. I am inquiring about you Wednesday Soft vinyasa series 4/17-5/15. What are these exactly? I have taken yoga before. Do we need to have our own mat, or do you provide? Also is each class in this series $10. payable prior to session? My telephone number is 704-221-3578. Let me know. Thank you.

  7. I will shoot you a private email. :) Thanks for your interest! Bettie

  8. I would like to purchase a gift certificate for my sister in an effort to get her interested in Yoga. I think it would benefit her immensely. Wondering if I she will need a mat, or do you have mats there she could rent/use til she tries it out?

  9. So glad you are interested in our little studio!! We are a co-op kind of place rather than a traditional studio, so I can’t sell you a pass good for all our classes by all our teachers, but I CAN offer you a pass good for any class I teach. How would that be? I could sell you five classes for $40, or ten for $75. Let me know if you’re interested, and I’ll PM you. :) Bettie Shea, Owner, Mint Hill Yoga

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  11. Do u provide mats. Wanting to take the prenatal series that starts tomorrow but I don’t have a mat, etc.

  12. We have a mat you can use in class initially, but ultimately you will want your own.You can pick one up at a big box store for pretty cheap. We have everything else you should need.

  13. Good morning. I was interested in the “gentle” class. Would this be for a beginner? Are you able to just drop in, or is this something that I would need to schedule in advance?


    Jill Brown

  14. I am interested in taking a class and wanted to find out I’d i newsss a reservation for tonight’s class also what level student do you need to be?

  15. Hi Jill! So glad you came. Digging through all this Russian spam is SUCH a process.

  16. All classes are appropriate for all levels with the one exception of Monday night, 7pm, which is a Level 2 class. I hope I see you in a class soon! You don’t need a reservation at this point. Bettie

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