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Jeanie says: “‘I’ve been attending a gentle and beginner yoga class at Mint Hill Yoga for over a year now. Bettie Alston Shea is an awesome instructor and is very creative in the way she approaches her instruction of yoga. I searched for several years to find a yoga teacher who could meet my needs as an older beginning student. I’m also a registered nurse and Bettie’s knowledge of human anatomy and of how our bodies are designed to work is amazing! I’m so glad that I found Bettie and Mint Hill Yoga!”

Kristine: “I want to take this opportunity to encourage anyone who is interested in exploring Yoga or who doesn’t think it is something you can do ….please reconsider. As a Healthcare provider ,the benefits of Yoga and meditation far outway drugs or surgery in many cases. Check out Mint Hill Yoga which is only 10 minutes from most of us.I would personally be happy to bring you to your first class! Bettie Shea is a unique Yoga Instructor who will work with you to modify your practice to get the most benefit. Historically Yoga was never about sweating and contorting your limbs! It is about being healthy and breathing for as long as you live!! “

Beth : “If you are looking for a peaceful, wonderful yoga studio in Mint Hill this is the place! Bettie has created such an amazing, safe, beautiful place to practice.”

Ashley : “I absolutely love this space, come check out Mint Hill Yoga for yourself!!!”

Shea : “ I consider myself fortunate that Mint Hill Yoga was my first yoga experience. From what I have heard from others about yoga classes, I might very well have gotten discouraged and quit. I am grateful to Bettie Alston Shea for helping me pre-op and post op, and now moving forward with my new knees. And yes, I want the total yoga experience! Our book club is helping me understand yoga even deeper, and I realize how much there is to learn, but that I have the rest of my life to do so, and the best Teacher in town!”

Rachael: “As a woman with Type 1 (Juvenile) Diabetes, I am happy to say that Yoga dramatically reduces my blood glucose levels. Even a slow restorative or breathing class can cause a drop of 50-100 points.”

Lisa: “Finding Mint Hill Yoga and Bettie Shea has been life changing for me, after suffering mobility issues after a silent stroke. Bettie’s patience, enthusiasm and love of yoga has become central on my recovery. My weekly classes with Bettie has become a central part of my general well being. I encourage anyone wanting to try yoga to see Bettie at Mint Hill Yoga.”

If you are hesitant to approach a yoga studio because you think you would feel out of place, think again. Everyone is welcome at Mint Hill Yoga. Everyone has some sort of brokenness or fear, and we will approach those places in each other with love and care. This isn’t just a business to me. I am not just a studio owner, and the Teachers here aren’t just run of the mill yoga teachers that have memorized sequences. We are all trained to adapt to individual situations. Teaching the entirety of the practices of yoga is part of who we are now, and we offer you that in all sincerity. I want to help everyone I can reach become the very best person they can be as a gift to the universe. If money is a problem for you, let me know and we will work out a solution. I don’t want anyone to miss out on the myriad benefits of Practice because of money. That isn’t even an issue.  Bettie Alston Shea

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