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Brewga Comes To Barking Duck Brewery!!!

Mint Hill Yoga and Barking Duck Brewery team up for “Brew-ga”




Yoga instructor Bettie Shea taught Sunday’s class in front of the bar at Barking Duck Brewery.

On Sunday, February 26, Bettie Shea of Mint Hill Yoga teamed up with Barking Duck Brewing Company to offer an afternoon of yoga and beer.

Shea teaches a unique style of yoga that combines therapeutic viniyoga, alignment yoga, and vinyasa flow. “Let’s just call it the ‘Mint Hill Method!’” she says. “I always have a rough plan, but I like to see who is standing in front of me before I decide how deep to go.”

Sunday’s inaugural “Brew-ga” class drew a crowd of five. Shea was pleased to see both people that she knew who had done yoga with her before and newcomers who had never done yoga.

Shea and Carl hope to make “brew-ga” a weekly event.

“I just did what I do, and I tried not to make it too difficult because there are people who are new,” said Shea, “and we’re in kind of a strange place for doing yoga!”

Shea’s class met inside Barking Duck Brewery right in front of the bar. It certainly wasn’t Shea’s normal yoga studio! “It kept throwing me,” said Shea. “AC/DC? OK. I’m not complaining; it’s just a different mindset!” By the end of the class, Shea found herself enjoying the music and wondering if a “classic rock” yoga class might be a good idea.

Participants enjoyed the novel atmosphere as well. “It was neat having it here!” said Margaret Wylie, who has been doing yoga with Shea for two years. “We’re used to candles and lights off, super relaxed. This was good and energetic.” First time yogi Jamal Jordan, who attended at Wylie’s insistence, was pleased to see that it wasn’t all candles and mood lighting. “I enjoyed the different environment than what I was expecting,” he said.

After the 45-minute yoga session, all participants were treated to a beer. On average, Barking Duck offers eight of their own beers on tap, two “guest taps” from other Charlotte breweries, cans of local Red Clay Cider, and wine. They also offer several options for non-drinkers, like kombucha, soda, water, ginger beer and cold brew coffee.

Yoga instructor Bettie Shea with Barking Duck owners Josh Carl and Jake Reynolds.

Both Shea and Barking Duck owner and brewer Josh Carl thought Sunday’s event was a big success. “We’re going to try to do it every Sunday now,” said Carl, who thinks it’s the perfect way to end the weekend, relax, and get ready for the work week. They plan for future classes to meet outdoors when the weather warms up.

Currently, Shea and Carl plan to make “Brew-ga” a “mostly weekly” event every Sunday at 2:00 pm. The 45-minute yoga class and a beer cost $10.00. Check Mint Hill Yoga’s facebook page for more details and upcoming events.

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