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“ I consider myself fortunate that Mint Hill Yoga was my first yoga experience. From what I have heard from others about yoga classes, I might very well have gotten discouraged and quit. I am grateful to Bettie Alston Shea for helping me pre-op and post op, and now moving forward with my new knees. And yes, I want the total yoga experience! Our book club is helping me understand yoga even deeper, and I realize how much there is to learn, but that I have the rest of my life to do so, and the best Teacher in town!” Shea Barja
I want to share with you how helpful the “legs against the wall” pose has been for me since you taught it in class! My most annoying PMS symptom is restless legs at night. Normally too many Aleve to reduce the sensation and tossing and turning kept me awake. I have been spending 15 minutes with legs on the wall before bed and no more restless legs!” Maureen
As a woman with Type 1 (Juvenile) Diabetes, I am happy to say that Yoga dramatically reduces my blood glucose levels. Even a slow restorative or breathing class can cause a drop of 50-100 points.” Rachael
My experience doing yoga has helped me tremendously. I noticed a big difference on my recent vacation. After sitting for a long time in the car, whenever I got out to walk around I just got right up and walked. I felt no stiffness or aches in my legs and back as I have in the past.” Esther
I’m 54 and had my first a yoga class last Saturday. Bettie was fantastic! Love the small class size and relaxed atmosphere. Felt like I belonged and learned some cool facts about the origin of the art. ” Leslie
Love this studio! Love this instructor! Bettie is so willing to listen to her students and focus the days practice on any issues they may have!” Tracey
Thank you Bettie for being put in my path…you are a true Blessing …an amazing focus is returning !” Kristine
Finding Mint Hill Yoga and Bettie Shea has been life changing for me, after suffering mobility issues after a silent stroke. Bettie’s patience, enthusiasm and love of yoga has become central on my recovery. My weekly classes with Bettie has become a central part of my general well being. I encourage anyone wanting to try yoga to see Bettie at Mint Hill Yoga.” Lisa
“I have enjoyed Bettie’s Gentle Yoga class and plan on continuing. As a guy in his 60s with plenty of life experience aches and pains, this class is helping me feel years younger. The aches and pains are few and the stillness I feel within is a great comfort. Bettie’s Yoga class gets a perfect score!”  Don



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