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Weather: If CMS is closed due to inclement weather, we will not be holding classes. Please be safe and don’t take chances. A yoga class is not worth the risk!!

Payment: All drop ins to scheduled classes are $15.  5 Class Passes that expire after 2 months are available from some teachers for $55. Bettie offers 5 SERIES Class passes, meaning you attend the same day and time each week for 5 weeks, and these Series Classes also cost $55 per person. Each teacher is an independent contractor and as such will have their own payment policies regarding cash, checks, or credit/debit.

Workshops: All workshops are priced by their instructors. There will be no refunds within one week of the event unless Mint Hill Yoga is forced to cancel.

Class Size: Due to space limitations, the most students that can safely fit into an asana class is 14, and all classes are first come, first served, with pre-registered students being guaranteed seating. Please plan to arrive early to get a space. The classroom will open 15 minutes prior to any class.

Attire:  Mint Hill Yoga is not a hot studio. Please dress modestly, and refrain from wearing strong oils and perfumes that could bother others. Thank you!!

Rental: Mint Hill Yoga is available for rent to qualified(RYT 200 minimum, fully self insured) yoga teachers for events. Please contact Bettie Shea at 704-835-0894 for pricing and details. Proof of appropriate certifications and liability insurance will be required upon application. All rentals are contingent upon approval of management, and any request can be denied for any reason.


  1. Is there an age requirement for yoga classes? I have an almost 13 year old that is very interested in classes and does some yoga videos at home. She has been wanting to go to an actual class with me, so was wondering about age restrictions.

  2. If your 13 year old is willing to fully participate like the other students, it isn’t a problem at all! :) Bettie

  3. I’m wanting to try a class, what if any equipment do I need to bring?

  4. Hi Ashley! We have everything you need to get started. Just bring a bottle of water if you think you might get thirsty. Bettie

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