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March 25, 2015
by Bettie Shea

What Sets Mint Hill Yoga Apart from the Rest?

Certainly the Charlotte area is full of big gyms and enormous impersonal yoga studios where you can go and practice asana in a crowd and sweat, much like the aerobics classes so popular in the 80′s. What makes Mint Hill Yoga stand out from the rest? Why should you pay us a visit?

Mint Hill Yoga is unusual in town because we see asana and meditation as holistic wellness tools that can be applied therapeutically, not as aerobic exercises. We are small, with usually less than 12 people to a class, and can look at each student as an individual, remember your name, remember where you hurt and what your unique challenges are, and that is where we meet you on your mat. Our studio is comfortable, accessible to all, and friendly, and we present the physical practices in a step by step, easy way that is approachable by all people of all ages and in most physical and emotional conditions. Our special community is second to none in terms of our supportive and loving attitude toward one another. We encourage students to move and flow(or not) in a way that is natural and appropriate for the individual, and leave fully aware of the miracle of embodiment.

And one more thing? Our classes are priced so you can afford to come.

Please consider joining us soon for a visit. Drop ins are just $12 each.




January 24, 2015
by Bettie Shea

Renaming of Fusion Yoga in the Works!!

Hello All!

Just wanted you to know I am in the middle of brainstorming for a new name for my Fusion classes that really reflects how I approach asana practice and teaching. Each class is different, based on things like time of day, people that show up, and the energy in the room at the time. I don’t use a pre-written script, and I never know exactly what I am going to do until the very moment when we start moving.

So don’t be confused when the Monday and Saturday classes I teach have a new name, it’s the same class, just more appropriately named! In the meantime, if you are a current student of mine and have an idea for a good name, let me know!!

See you soon.  :)


November 18, 2014
by Bettie Shea

Annual Holiday Party!!!

You Are Cordially Invited


Mint Hill Yoga’s

Annual Holiday Party!!

Friday evening, December 19, 7pm-?

Please bring an hors d’oeuvres or dessert to share

BYOB—Coffee, tea and water provided

October 29, 2014
by Bettie Shea

Holiday Schedule Changes

Since folks are starting to travel a bit with the holidays and new babies coming, we are condensing our schedule a bit between now and the end of the year. The Monday 6 and 7:30pm Fusion Classes will combine into one class that will meet at 7pm between now and the end of the year. After January 1, we will return to our regular schedule, having those classes again at 6 and 7:30 as always.

The Thursday 5:30 will be ending effective immediately, and scheduling for that class will be reviewed after the first of the year. 


Thanks for your patience and patronage!!! We love you all.  :)  Bettie

August 13, 2014
by Bettie Shea

Welcome Viniyoga to Mint Hill!!!

On a personal note, I need to tell you before you even read this how fond I am of Linda, and how much I love the practice of viniyoga. When I practice at home on my own, these are the techniques I turn to time and time again to bring me to a place of total peace and comfort.  I honestly hope you will consider coming to see what amazing things Linda will be bringing to our little jewel box Thursdays at 7:00pm starting  September 4. Preregistration is recommended. Bettie Shea, Owner



Viniyoga Flow with Linda Nickolenko


“What is Viniyoga?


Viniyoga is often referred to as “breath centric yoga.”  The primary focus of this yoga class is to help students connect to and understanding the transformational relationship between the their breath, mind and body through the use of postures, breathing techniques and meditation.  Each class is sequenced to link awareness to breath and movement to strengthen weaker muscles, increase range of motion, increase mental clarity and reduce tension and increase energy in the body.  This class teaches students how to maintain a sustained and growing yoga practice and is the perfect compliment to all other styles of yoga.  Students who will benefit from this practice:  Everyone!


But more specifically, students who may be affected by:



Chronic Pain

Back Ailments/Pain


Joint Pain

High Blood Pressure

Recovery from Injuries

Cancer Recovery/Survivors

Asthma/Respiratory Issues

Attention/Concentration Difficulty


*Linda is also a Certified Prenatal Yoga Teacher and will modify postures in classes as needed for beautiful mommas.


July 8, 2014
by Bettie Shea
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Welcome Dr. Edwards to Mint Hill Yoga!!!

Mint Hill Yoga moves one step closer to being a complete holistic wellness center with the addition of a Holistic Psychotherapist to our team of practitioners beginning in August!! Please join all of us in welcoming Dr. Danielle Edwards to Mint Hill Yoga!!  


A note from Dr. Edwards:


Greetings Yogis! I am Danielle Edwards, Ed.D., LPCS, NCC.  I have practiced in mental health and public school administration for over 19 years in North and South Carolina. I am a practicing psychotherapist and Licensed Professional Counselor Supervisor.

I believe that my clients are fundamentally whole and capable and that it is my role to assist them in expanding their resilience and sense of well-being. Recognizing that we are not just mental and emotional beings, but also physical, my work typically utilizes body and breath awareness as a key way to access inner responses and resources.

My areas of specialty include anxiety, stress, trauma, family relational issues and active intervention (problem-focused and goal-directed treatment). My work has many different sources of inspiration, but the core modalities I use in my work are Yoga-enhanced Cognitive Behavior Therapy, Mindfulness, Solution-Focused, and Brief Dynamic Therapy as well as Meditative Therapies. Evidence suggests that body-based therapies, coupled with psychotherapy work exceptionally well in remediating the effects that trauma cause within the body (e.g. helplessness, rage, depression…). The emphasis on mindfulness brings a here-and-now immediacy and practicality to the work, and clients learn a way of being that allows them a greater sense of being grounded in their own experience: mentally, emotionally and physically.

Psychotherapy assumes we are capable of a greater degree of conscious control of our lives. Rather than relying solely on medication or on societal rules, it allows individuals to grow and improve their lives using various other techniques and approaches.

I invite you to contact me at (704) 793-8827 to experience Yoga-enhanced Cognitive Behavior therapy here at Mint Hill Yoga Studio! I look forward to joining you in therapeutic dialogue, meditation and bodywork according to your specific needs!

June 28, 2014
by Bettie Shea

Summer Schedule for July ONLY

Hello All!!

Monday morning 9:30 Gentle Fusion will NOT be meeting during July. Monday 6pm Fusion Level 1/2 also WILL NOT be meeting during July, but will merge with the 7:30pm class for July only. Both classes will return in August.

Also, I will not be working the last two weeks of July, so all my classes are suspended during that time until I return. Thanks so much for your kindness and patience. All other Mint Hill Yoga classes will continue on as usual. Enjoy your summer!!!


:) Bettie Shea

June 9, 2014
by Bettie Shea

Senior Yoga Name Change!!

In response to comments and suggestions from the many young at heart and powerful yogis that have come faithfully to Wednesday 9:30 yoga for nearly a year, I have decided to change the name of Senior Yoga to Yoga Over 50.  I think this more accurately describes their incredible energy, laughter, and interest in growth. –Bettie

May 8, 2014
by Bettie Shea

Gentle Fusion on Monday Mornings Starting in June

I am very happy to announce that beginning on Monday, June 2 at 9:30am, I will begin offering a Gentle version of Fusion Yoga which has proven quite popular on Monday evenings. The class combines asanas from the viniyoga and alignment traditions along with large doses of breathwork and meditation. You will leave class centered and energized for your day. Cost for the series is $35 since it is a 60 minute class(as opposed to our 75 minute offerings, which are $40 for a series). I hope to see many of you there!!!  :))  Bettie