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“It is the teacher’s foremost duty to give you back your intelligence, to return to you your heart, to encourage you to access yourself. They do this by being who they really are and by being completely honest and compassionate with you” – Richard Freeman


Diane Campbell,BSM,PHR,RYT-200


Diane has been practicing some type of Yoga for over 50 years. Never having good eye-hand coordination, Diane was not good at Soft ball or Tennis in school. Quickly though, Diane learned the refreshing, relaxing, and total-body benefits of the alternative sports, such as Yoga. She never dreamed of being a Yoga Instructor until taking classes at Mint Hill Yoga since 2012.
Diane began Instructor training with Subtle TM Yoga in 2014; however, Spinal issues caused her to curtail those lessons, although she continued her regular Yoga practice. Consequently, in 2016, Diane had a Spinal fusion of her L-4 and L-5 Vertebrae. Diane was able to travel to Ireland just eight weeks after surgery and return to her Yoga practice soon after that. Her Neurosurgeons were amazed, as was Diane, at her strength of recovery. She resumed her Yoga Instructor Training in 2018 with Subtle TM Yoga and graduated with an RYT-200 in October 2018. During her training, the Instructors were also amazed at the strength that Diane has in her back. Knowing the benefits of gentle movements that strengthen the body, along with proper breath awareness, Diane is sure that her continued Yoga practice is greatly responsible for her ability to recover easily from major back surgery. Diane teaches in the Gentle/Subtle Inspired style.
Diane holds a BS in Management from Montreat College, Summa Cum Laude. Her life career entailed 25 years in Management with a concentration in Personnel Management and Executive Training. Her career exposed her to myriad peoples, and cultures, as did her upbringing, which Diane believes is a blessing. In 2002 Diane semi-retired and joined a company that concentrates on Small Business HR, Employee Benefits, Payroll, and Taxes. Diane is excited about her new endeavor with Mint Hill Yoga.
Diane is remarried; she and her husband collectively enjoy 4 children and 10 grandchildren. She has been blessed with travel, which has again exposed her to varied cultures and diversity. Diane practices an awareness that all in life is a Blessing, and uses the Mantra of Joyful living, knowing that every breath is a Blessing. 


Crystal Kimble, CYT-200, M Ed

“My breath is my anchor in any situation.” Crystal’s personal and teaching practice is led by this mantra. She believes that the breath is one of the greatest healing tools available to us
 at any time. Her use of pranayama, gentle movement, and meditation is greatly influenced
 by her own journey of healing from depression, anxiety, PTSD and subsequent nervous
system sensitivity.
After over fifteen years of teaching high school and college English, Crystal took the heart led leap and left academia for yoga teacher training. She received her 200 hour Hatha
Yoga certification from I AM YOGA in Charlotte N.C. under the guidance and training of Kiesha Battles, E-RYT-500. Crystal has also trained in the Community Resiliency Model(CRM) through Yoga for Trauma in Asheville NC, aimed at using neuroscience and yoga techniques to bring the nervous system in balance with mind and body and used to  build resiliency after trauma in marginalized populations. She is certified in Mental Health First Aid and her continuing education includes Yoga for Anxiety with Rhonda Waterhouse and Body Positive Yoga with Amber Karnes.
Crystal is also the owner and chief maker at Open Soul Yoga & Home, her handcrafted yoga inspired accessories and gifts business. She is obsessed with yurts, and is the joyful GiGi to her three year old granddaughter Mia Indigo Little Owl who practices yoga every day.


Karen Hill Miller, MSN, RYT-200


If you had told Karen Hill Miller that she would be a yoga instructor 20 years ago, she would have laughed. She is NOT that classic “bendy” yogi! She offers a class that will gently warm and prepare your muscles to move safely into each pose .

Karen has dabbled in yoga for about 15 years.  She finally heard the breathing message of yoga, not just with her ears, but with her heart,  and incorporates it into her life and her classes. She recognizes that proper use of breath allows one to do more than they ever thought possible…and not just on the mat.  She started yoga instructor training at the tender age of 55 and completed the 200 hour program with Subtle TM Yoga in January, 2015. Subtle TM Yoga is a “therapeutic and balancing practice with postures that are accessible to most people and adaptable to most abilities.”

Karen has been a practicing  RN for 35 years, primarily in maternal-neonatal areas, and earned a Masters of Science in Nursing with concentrations in Parent-Child Nursing and Education from UNCC in 1998.  She has been teaching nursing students for over 2 decades. Karen will tell you that if she loves to do something, she naturally gravitates toward teaching it.  Having taught prepared childbirth classes early in her career, she recognizes the physical and emotional value of a yoga practice during pregnancy and completed basic  prenatal  yoga certification in 2015 and she has taught these classes in the past. Moms-to-be are welcome to her gentle Tuesday night and Sunday afternoon classes…just please let her know you are expecting before that class starts so she can adapt your poses during practice safely. Prenatal classes may be considered again in the future as the need arises.  Give her a call at 704-301-3083 if you have questions.


Bettie Shea, EYT(Experienced Yoga Teacher) 500

 I specialize in offering yoga to under-served populations, such as seniors, larger bodied individuals, and people with physical challenges, such as cancer, MS, heart disease, depression/anxiety, and scoliosis. I have a great deal of experience adapting practices to suit many situations, whether they are physical, mental, or emotional, and I believe there are practices appropriate for everyone. In my opinion, all people can benefit from yoga as an entire holistic system of health. I trained professionally with Kaoverii Weber and Samantha Leonard of Subtle Yoga in Charlotte, and Chrys Kub of Holistic Yoga Therapy Institute, and continue to attend workshops and trainings to grow both as a teacher and student.  My major influences besides Kaoverii, Sam and Chrys are Gary Kraftsow of the American Viniyoga Institute, and Phyllis Rollins of The Yoga Center here in Charlotte. I completed my 500 hour Teacher Training in Therapeutic Yoga through the Holistic Yoga Therapy Institute, and received my Yoga of Awareness for Cancer training at Duke Integrative Medicine in June 2015. I trained in Trauma Sensitive Yoga with David Emerson, author of Trauma Sensitive Yoga in Therapy  and Overcoming Trauma Through Yoga  in late April 2017. For more information about Emerson’s work and the Trauma Center in particular, visit  The Trauma Center at JRI.

I offer both regular group yoga classes and therapeutic group or individual sessions designed to address specific issues(which are by appointment only).  Please call me and leave a message at 704-835-0894. I will usually get back to you within 24 hours.

Here’s a link to my research.

Please come and visit one of my classes soon!





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  2. When does the next series of Curvy Yoga begin?

    Thank you, Andrea Garrison

    • Hi Andrea! The Curvy Yoga classes are not taught as a series so feel free to pop into class whenever you’re ready. Classes are 6:45pm Wednesdays and 12pm Saturdays. $10 is the class fee but you have the option to buy 5 classes at just $8 each via cash, credit card, or Paypal. Hope to see you soon!

  3. Is Mint Hill the only location for the Curvy Yoga classes? I live in Charlotte on the South Side of town

    • As far as I know, Gina Castillo offers Curvy Yoga at our facility and also at Lotus Living Arts in Concord. I am unaware of other Curvy friendly classes in the area, but I will tell Gina to chime in here when I see her tomorrow. You might also check the Curvy Yoga official website to see if there are other offerings around the Charlotte area.

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