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A Softer, Gentler Vinyasa

Hello All!

For a while now, I’ve been trying to come up with a name that really captures the spirit of how we approach flow, or vinyasa classes here at Mint Hill Yoga. If you’ve ever attended one, you know that though you flow, and you probably sweat and get your heart rate up, you still feel…you still feel. That’s it.

We aren’t in such a hurry to rush through our sun salutations, warriors, and triangles that we fail to take time to notice how we are feeling, inside and out. Asana touches all parts of us, not just our physical bodies, but the subtle bodies as well.  There ought to be an awareness of what is going on with you emotionally and spiritually in each moment, in every breath. Where are you holding tension? Is the jaw locked? The face tense? Notice, and let go. Be mindful.

Therefore, as soon as I can get time to make the changes, all our vinyasa classes are going to be called MINDFUL VINYASA.

Kiesha Battles gave me the idea last Saturday, and I think it works. Thanks, Kiesha.

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