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  1. I am interested in a beginner yoga class. I have no yoga experience whatsoever. Which class would you recommend?



  2. Subtle Flow would be an excellent choice, either on Sunday afternoon or Wednesday morning. I will be offering another Basics Series beginning February 18, and will have a paypal button up for it($8 per class as a series instead of $10 drop in) the first of February. Basics would be ideal.

  3. I absolutely love doing the Bikram Yoga. Will you eventually add this class? The only place in Charlotte that has this class is Yoga Oasis. This is 18 miles from my house and the same from where I work. I do mean the Bikrim and not all the hot flow or hot 26 and so on. It would be wonderful if you have this eventually. Yoga of Matthews used to have it. The owner moved to Colorado. No more Bikram on our side of town. I used to do this class three nights a week. Now I’m lucky if I ever get a yin yoga class in.

  4. Sorry, no. We don’t do power or hot anything. Read our about us and see our mission statement.

  5. They are ongoing, so just show up! :)

  6. We have added a Saturday morning 9 am class, FYI…

  7. I am interestedin the Tuesday evening but not sure what I need to do. When do the classes start back up?

  8. Class resumes this week. You can register here on the website if you like,or just pay when you come. I have a,Square, so either cash or plastic works. On the website, go to the classes tab and scroll down until you find the,class you want. There are Paypal buttons you can use.

  9. Will you be offering any Saturday morning classes?

  10. We already do. There’s a 10:15am Vinyasa and a 12 noon Curvy Yoga class on Saturday mornings. Please come join us!!

  11. Hi, I am interested in starting classes with you but am not sure which will be the best for me. I used to be really active in yoga but it’s been a long time and I currently have a lot of back pain due to tension. Which class would you recommend? Am I too late to start a series? I appreciate your feedback!

  12. Thank you, Karen Miller, for holding such an awesome Tuesday evening class. I am starting back on yoga after many years of being “dormant”. Karen has made me feel so welcome, and her class is exactly what I was looking for to ease back into it. I so look forward to my Tuesday class with Karen and the other wonderful ladies in the class. THANK YOU!!!

  13. Awww Trendi! I’m just now seeing this and it made my day! I missed my little ray of sunshine in that back corner last night. Hope all is well.

  14. Hi Darlene,

    I was just reading back through old posts and saw yours. I took over the Tuesday class (7pm) back in February. It is a gentle class sprinkled with just a touch of a challenge ever so often. Drop-in’s are $12 now. If you’re not engaged in another class already, I hope you will stop in and check it out.

  15. I’ve slowly been getting back into yoga the last two months. I really want to stick with it this time as I am still a beginner. The class that I’ve been attending is okay, but it does move too fast for my ability and they keep the room very hot. The only days of the week that I cannot attend a class are Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays.

  16. No worries Jeanie!! Piece of cake. :) See you October 24 at 9!! Bettie

  17. If you are looking for a great yoga studio, this is your place!! So happy I found Mint Hill Yoga! Feeling so much better after only two classes!

  18. Thanks so much Tracey. I am so glad you have joined us!!! Bettie

  19. Blushing…thanks Tracey. If you are on Facebook, please go like our page and give us a review!!!

  20. I am so happy you like Karen’s class. She is really awesome and kind. Bettie

  21. Hi, I have only ever done hot yoga, and I enjoy it but it is way too hot for me lol I’m interested in coming here because it is so close to my house but I’m not sure what each class is. What is a curvy class? Or gentle class? Yoga love? Or workshop? Sorry for all of the questions just trying to decide which class to attend.

  22. Hi Kayla!
    Curvy Yoga is adapted for people with Curvy bodies, Gentle is gentle, Asana Level 1/2 is a combination of vinyasa, viniyoga, and alignment work, Yoga Love is discontinued, and workshops are workshops that only happen sporadically. We are also starting to offer an Ashtanga based Vinyasa Flow class on Wednesday nights at 7:45pm beginning on October 5. You can click your mouse over any of our class titles to see more detailed descriptions. Is that at all helpful? Bettie

  23. A friend and I were hoping to drop into the 6:15 class tonight. It will be our first time with mint hill yoga. Should we have a problem getting in?

  24. Yikes!! Just saw this! 6:15 which day? How may I be of service? Bettie

  25. Since there are no prenatal classes listed would gentle or beginners be suitable for 1st trimester?

  26. We have a prenatal certified teacher who is a nurse with 35 years experience. Her name is Karen Miller. I will ask her to contact you.

  27. I am looking for a gentle yoga class. I have done very little yoga and am not proficient at all.
    I am 71 years old with some health issues . I do attend a senior exercise class 2 times a week but a lot of it is chair exercise.
    I also have macular degeneration so night time driving is out of the question. I have seen so many positive comments on your website and would love to meet you and see the studio.

  28. Great Gloria!
    I would love to meet you. I have daytime public classes Monday Wednesday And Friday at 10:30 every week. Why not just drop in one day and see for yourself? A drop in is $14, so not an enormous financial risk.
    I hope I get to meet you soon! Bettie

  29. i would like to know the times classes and days that Gina teaches her yoga classes? I was her student for a year and I lol she took some time off!

    Britt Malcom

  30. Hi. Sorry it took so long for me to respond to you!I have to wade through hundreds of Russian spammer messages to find things from real people.
    Gina only teaches at 11:30 on Sundays now. She is very involved with school and the one class is all she has time for. You are always welcome in any of our classes! None of our teachers are skinny minnies, and adaptations are always offered. Bettie

  31. Hi- I’m 45 and have always wanted to try yoga. My 15 yr old wants to come as well. Is there a class Saturday or Sunday we could drop in and try? Thanks!


  32. Check the Schedule tab on the website for the most up to date class schedule information. We have 10am Saturdays, 11:30 and 5:15 on Sundays. Thanks for checking in! I hope we get to meet soon. Bettie :)

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