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  2. Would Thursdays around 2pm work for you?

  3. Absolutely. Be sure to wear comfy clothes that move with you, and if you have a yoga mat, bring it. Otherwise, I should have any props you might need. :) Can’t wait to meet you at 11 on Wednesday!!!

  4. I’ve never taken yoga before, but I’ve danced for 20 years. I would like to come to the Friday fusion class (work permitting), but am concerned about keeping up. How much experience is required for that class?

  5. You’ll be fine. I’m not one of those super athletic yoga teachers. Also, I tend to teach whoever shows up, so if you need something slower, I can adapt and not bore anyone else. Please do come, but not this coming Friday. Class this week is cancelled so I can prepare for a Workshop in the space at 7!! :) Bettie

  6. Are classes in building with pottery 51?

  7. Yes they are! Around in the back, right next to them, actually. Just enter through the gray door that says Mint Hill Yoga, go straight ahead, and you’ll see our little studio! :) Hope to see you soon.

  8. I’m interested in the level 1 series starting on 1/7. Would this be a good class for a beginner who hasn’t eerciseedxc in years?

  9. Absolutely. You can preregister and get the $8 per class for five weeks price on the first page of the website!!

  10. i am one year post back surgery and am experiencing stiffness in the back and legs. I have been doing yoga weekly since Oct. It has helped my back a lot. However, i have to drive into Charlotte and would like to stay local. The yoga I have been doing is mostly floor work, lots of stretching, and some poses. Which class would you recommend for me?

  11. Probably Subtle Flow, since it is more therapeutic in nature. :)

  12. Can I try a class for free to see if it is what I need?

  13. I’ll message you privately.

  14. Hello, I purchased just purchased the deal through living social. I am interested in the Level 1 class. I’ve never taken a yoga class before. I would like to start immediately. How do I register? Also I am interested in the Kids Yoga for my son’s 14 & 6 years old, please advise on the schedule for this class.

    Thank you for your assistance. I am excited and looking forward to my first yoga class.

  15. There’s room in the Saturday 8:30am Basics with Kiesha! Could you make it for that? Also, Kiesha is our Kids Yoga teacher, so I’ll have her contact you about scheduling a class, as we currently aren’t offering one.

  16. Hello,

    I’m interested in taking some classes and the only one that seems to fit my schedule at the moment is The Energy Flow class, what all does this include?


  17. It is an ordinary Vinyasa(flow) class, but includes extra movements to help improve cognitive function. The teacher is a certified neurodevelopmental specialist as well as a certified yoga instructor.

  18. 2 questions… Any plans for kids classes for this summer? My 6 year old would LOVE to take some yoga classes. Also any mommy baby classes on the horizon say with a 18 month old? Thanks!

  19. Hi Grace! There CAN be, though there aren’t any scheduled at this moment. I’ll PM you Kiesha Battles’ phone number. She’s trying to put something together since you are not the only Mom to ask!!!

  20. I am very interested in taking a yoga class. I took one class several years ago and did not like it (too fast, and I didn’t understand the moves). Now, I am middle-aged, overweight and experiencing knee and ankle problems. I really want to increase my flexibility and energy. Which class would you recommend I start?

  21. Hi Francene!
    I would suggest either Subtle Flow on Sunday afternoons at 3 or Monday night Level 1/2 at 7:30. There’s plenty of room in both, the students are really sweet, and the pace is manageable for a new student. Please join us soon!!!

  22. I am interested in your classes. What is the Sunday class geared toward, and do you have a pricing schedule that is not a series?

  23. The Sunday class is gentle and approachable for all ages and body types. Drop ins to any class, whether series or not, are $10. Series classes are $40 for five consecutive classes, which works out to $8 a class.Drop ins are subject to availability. Series members are guaranteed space. There are a maximum number of nine spots in all classes.
    I hope to see you soon!! Bettie

  24. Hoping space in Tues night class…I am a beginner
    I would love to hear back from somebody
    Thank you

  25. I emailed you Adele’s phone number yesterday. Maybe it went in your spam bucket. You can call her about registering, or you can just show up for class. She will probably have room. Her Tuesday beginner class is at 6pm.

    If you can’t reach Adele and don’t want to take your chances there, you are more than welcome in either of my Monday night Fusion classes which are full of folks that started taking yoga back in February, so they are what I would call beginners. One class meets at 6pm, the other at 7:30. There is room in either class at the moment, so you are free to choose. Both classes are very friendly and we all have lots of fun. Another option is Subtle Flow, which meets on Sunday afternoons at 3. The next series there begins in early August. Check the website for registration info.

  26. I will plan on trying your Monday class next week.
    Thank you for your help!

  27. Bette is there a 6pm class on 7/8??

  28. Is there space in the Monday July 29th 6pm class for a drop-in?

  29. Monday night classes resume the first Monday in August. There should be room for you!!! Please come if you can. :) Bettie

  30. Great- Thanks!

  31. Hey wondering if you can start a class that is part of z series that has already started? I would like to visit your studio for some classes. I have my 200 hour teaching certification through Yoga One and have completed Level One with Baron Baptiste, done workshops with Rod Stryker – just like practicing at studios that are different from time to time :)

  32. Sure! I would avoid Mondays, though. They STAY full. We only have room for a max of nine mats! Our classes are VERY different from the way you were trained. No heat, slow, gentle…it will be an interesting experience for you, I think!! I trained with Kristine Kaoverii Weber of Subtle Yoga for my 200, and have taken workshops with Gary Kraftsow and Leslie Kaminoff, who are both pretty opposite Baptiste in every way….very therapeutic and appropriate for all ages.

  33. Hi, I’m looking for a Tuesday pm class. Will you be offering anything going forward and if so, do you know which class? I’ve done several yoga classes w/different teachers (including Jen’s deep stretch which i enjoyed!).
    Thanks :)

  34. Yep! I will be teaching Mindful Vinyasa at 7 on Tuesdays starting in November. Also, there will be two Restorative Workshops in December on Tuesdays at 5:30, one on the 3rd, and the other on the 10th. The workshops are $15 each, regular class drop ins are $10, Series of five consecutive classes is $40, or $8 each. There are Paypal buttons up you can use if you’d like, each one listing specific dates.

  35. Is there room in the deep stretch class on Thursday nights? If so when does the next series begin or can I come mid series? I was originally in Adele’s beginner class and would like to try this one unless you know of a beginner class that will be starting. Thank you!

  36. Yes, of course. You can start Jennifer’s sessions any time. You can either visit as a drop in or pay for a five class pass which is good for any five classes out of six(the same class at the same time, taught by Jennifer). Another good option for a Beginner is Fusion on Monday and Thursday. :)

  37. I’ll be joining your Fusion class on Monday nights at 6:00…just signed up :)

  38. So glad. Can’t wait to see you. We have such a great group at 6!!! :) )

  39. I’ve never done yoga, and am not incredibly athletic. Is there a class that’s appropriate for a complete beginner?

  40. Absolutely. Come join us!! :) The 5:30 Thursday class is the same material and is usually less crowded.

  41. Great psoas class tonight Bettie! It was “pso” helpful :)

  42. Thanks Marie! It was pso fun to teach!! Glad you enjoyed it pso much!!! :-D

  43. Morning, I am in need of a early morning yoga class friendly on my wallet, worse case a 6pm. I am in pain and DR. Pustaver the chiropractor has recommended you. I am surviving on a part time job…lol barely but I have bone spurs up and down my back and loosing mobility. Anything here for me? God Bless! Kathy 980-205-0294

  44. I have always been interested in yoga and need to get more fit and healthy. Ive never done yoga and wondering if you have a beginner class for someone who needs to shed some pounds.

  45. We are starting two series of Beginner’s Yoga the first week of February. One meets on Tuesdays from 5:30-6:45, the other meets Saturday mornings from 9-10. Cost is $40 for five weeks of the Tuesday class, or $25 for four weeks of the Saturday class. Either would be PERFECT for you. Check out the post on the first page of the website for registration details.

  46. Hello. My almost 13 year old daughter and I would like to take a yoga class together. What is your minimum age for students (we’ve both done some yoga before)? I see that there is a Mindful Vinyasa class on Saturday mornings. What do you have open?


  47. Hi Heather. The Saturday Beginner’s Class is full right now. Vinyasa is open to you since you have taken yoga before, but be aware that this particular class is our most challenging. Any class you and your daughter would like to take together is open to you. I hope to see you soon!!!

  48. Have you tried our Curvy Yoga class on Wednesday evening at 6:45 or Saturdays at noon?

  49. I like to get into beginner yoga classes
    Do u have any opening

  50. We have Tuesday at 5:30 and Saturday at 9am. The Tuesday class is 1 hour fifteen minutes and is $10 drop in. Our next series starts April 22 and costs $40 for the five week series. A Paypal button will be up on the registration page of our website a week or two ahead. The Saturday class is $35 for a series starting the second week in April(contact Denise at or $10 each drop in and the class is one hour long.

  51. What exactly Curvy yoga ? What is the difference between that and the beginners?

  52. Curvy Yoga is a specific system of yoga adapted by Anna Guest-Jelley to suit larger people. It is fairly gentle, and there are many available modifications to suit a bigger framed person. Gina Castillo is certified by Anna herself to teach this method. Beginners Yoga is for all body types and is an introduction to yoga as a whole. Please let me know if you have further questions!!

  53. It has been unite a while since I have done yoga. I am a fairly fit senior citizen looking for a class that will be fairly simple with stretching and meditation. Tuesday is a good day for me, so which class would you recommend for me?

  54. If Tuesday is your day, then I would suggest Beginner’s at 5:30. A new series begins in a couple of weeks so you could just jump in there. Cost is $40 for five weeks and each class is an hour and fifteen minutes. Drop ins are $10. If you cab come on Wednesday mornings at 9:30, I highly recommend Senior Yoga. Cost is $35 for a series, as the class only lasts one hour.

  55. I am thinking of coming to the yoga class on Tuesdays at 5:30, and would like to pay the $10.00 for the drop-in class, in case I need to miss some classes….I am a senior, pretty flexible, and took Anusara yoga in Matthews last year, but felt I was hurting my hip that gives me problems from time to time if I bend a lot. I took Hatha yoga years ago, but need to start at a beginning level now that I am much older. I also attended meditation classes once a week last year, and would like to get back into that, as well…do you offer meditation classes along with the yoga?…also, do you have a class starting up on Tuesdays, or can I just come at will?…thank you so much for a reply…and have a nice day….

  56. Hi Sue! You are more than welcome on Tuesdays. Sounds like a good fit. If you are free on Wednesday mornings at 9:30, I offer a Senior Yoga class specifically designed for, you guessed it, Senior Yogis!! We have a really great time and a nice community in both classes. This Tuesday, April 8, is the last class in this series of Beginner’s on Tuesday, and there’s no class the week of April 13, as I will be out of town with my family for Spring Break. The next series starts Tuesday, April 22 at 5:30. I teach basic meditation in the Beginner’s class, as it is a pretty critical technique. I try a couple of times per year to bring in Ramesh Bjonnes from the Prama Institute just outside Asheville to lead a more advanced meditation workshop and would be glad to keep you in the loop about that as well. I hope to see you soon!! :) ) Bettie

  57. I am interested in the Wed. 9:30 class. When does the series start?

  58. The next series begins May 7 and I will put a Paypal button up a week or two ahead of time if you’d like to sign up for the entire series. Cost is $35 for five one hour sessions. Otherwise, if you would prefer to drop in, classes are $10 each, and you are welcome at any time. We have class tomorrow at 9:30, but please arrive about 15 minutes early to take care of paperwork. We don’t have class the 16th due to Spring Break, and then we are back as usual the 23rd and the 30th. Hope this helps.

  59. My doctor recommended trying yoga & specifically your group is there room in. Your Saturday beginners class I would like the Tuesday night class but can’t this week looking forward to starting. Barbara Combes

  60. Contact the teacher, Denise Chapman, at to see if she still has room. I think she does, but Denise is the one to ask. If she doesn’t, I teach a Beginner’s class Tuesday evenings at 5:30 if you are interested and available at that time.

  61. Would love to see another senior yoga session on either Monday or Fridays at the same time

  62. Happy to do Mondays at 9:30!! Need at least 3 prepaid, committed students. Check with the class next week!!

  63. Hi Charlene. I have added a Monday morning Gentle Fusion class at 9:30 am. That way the class will welcome not only Seniors, but anyone wanting a gentler style class. Hope to see you and your daughter and maybe your friend there!!!

  64. FYI: Ashley Humphries may call you with questions about class tonight … she is a co-worker that said she would meet me tonight for beginner’s yoga class … talk to you soon! :)

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  66. I wish during the summer time I could find yoga classes that would be while my daughter was at her morning camp. I feel there would be plenty of stay at home moms that this would benefit!

  67. There are classes at our studio on Monday and Wednesday mornings. Mondays are Gentle Fusion, and Wednesdays are for those over 50. I am more than willing to offer more, but would need a minimum of five preregistered and prepaid to do so. What day of the week other than Friday would be suit you? Do you have friends that would be willing to attend as well? Bettie

  68. I want to start taking a Monday class starting the first of Sept. How much will it cost?

  69. $10 per class drop in until the next series begins in mid-September. Then, if you like, yu can register and prepay for the series of five,classes for $40, which comes out to $8 per class. I look forward to meeting you!! ☺

  70. Very interested in taking beginner class, weekday, preferably several days a week. Do you offer an unlimited plan, monthly fee?

  71. Hi Lee!
    Unfortunately, we do not offer unlimited yoga, as we are more of a co-op type place than a studio. Each teacher rents space from me and keeps all the money they make, and our money never mixes, so offering an unlimited package in the traditional sense would not work for us. However, our classes are extremely competitive in terms of pricing. Our drop ins are $10 per class, whereas around town they usually run $15-17, and a five consecutive class package(for example, the Tuesday evening 5:30 for five consecutive weeks starting again in September) costs $40, or just $8 a class, which is pretty unheard of. Please let me know if we can be of further service.

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  73. I am interested in a morning class, but occas any class is apt to be a conflict with my work. Naturally I understand your end on not having makeups, so I believe paying per class would interest me more. I would fit into the beginner or the over 50 class. Thanks!


  74. Well you are certainly welcome any time. I look forward to meeting you.

  75. Hi I’m wanting to join the curvy girl yoga class and don’t see a pay pal option do I just drop in before the class to pay? Also do we bring our own mats? I’m new to yoga and have only practiced it through a dvd so I’m not really sure what’s necessary to bring to a class. Thanks

  76. Just drop in!!! You will love Gina. Yes, do bring your own mat. We have everything else you might need. :) Bettie

  77. A friend and I are interested in starting the Tuesday class. When will u be available to see the facility.

  78. We are only in the studio 15 minutes before class, during class itself, and a few minutes afterwards to clean up. Check our schedule tab, and any of us will be happy to talk with you. Do you plan to attend the morning or evening class on Tuesdays? I hope we see you soon! Bettie Shea, Owner

  79. The curvy class that meets on Wednesday nights @ 7:30 is the class full? When does a series start?

  80. The class offerings on Wednesday have been recently edited, and Gina’s 7:30 class is no longer available. There is a class at 6:15 every Wednesday that she teaches, though. You can start at any time. Just show up! :) Bettie

  81. My friends and I are interested in attending your 5:15 yoga session on Sunday? Can we just drop in? What should we wear/bring? It is our first time doing yoga.

  82. Hi Amy!
    Just show up. No Worries. Wear elastic waisted pants and a fairly tight tshirt in case you do a pose that puts your head down. You wouldn’t want your shirt flopping around! ;) Bettie

  83. Is there child care?

  84. I’m sorry, no. The only studio in town besides a YMCA that offers childcare as far as I know is Charlotte Family Yoga Center in the University area.

  85. Hi Kathy.
    We spoke a long time ago and I was checking in to see if you ever found the help you needed. We do offer morning classes, but I am not sure how early you need. Please call me at 704-835-0894 if I may be of service to you. Bettie Shea

  86. Hi! I am interested in attending one of your morning classes 2-3 times a week. I took a yoga class about 10 years ago & loved it , but havent done it since. I would probably need “gentle” yoga . Is there space in a morning class ? Thanks.

  87. Absolutely!! I would love to have you any time. We only meet Wednesday this week, but next week we return to our normal M, W, F at 10:30. Bettie

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  90. Hello, I am interested in a beginner’s yoga. I am 56 and psoriatic arthritis, so something easy for my joints. Do I need to register or can I come to a class and pay there?

    Thanks and have a great day!

    Debbie Dorsey

  91. Any class on our schedule with the exception of Tuesday at 7:30 is Beginner appropriate. Otherwise, just pick the day and time that works for you, and we will see you soon! Bettie

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