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  1. let me know what is available for December. I need you badly
    cindy sloan

    • As soon as I devise the schedule based on attendance, I’ll post it, probably in late November. I can tell you now that I personally won’t be offering classes from December 21 until January 2. I have school age kids that will be home, and we usually travel then. I don’t know what Linda and Kiesha will be doing yet during that time.

  2. Hi Bettie! Ive been trying to find you on facebook. I looked using Bettie Shea. I would love to keep in contact with you once I start taking yoga class for my certification just in case I need a lil Bettie push!

  3. Hey Betty,

    I am here on your website and I noticed that there is no registration for the Thursday class starting next week. Does that mean that the class is closed? I wanted to sign up. Also, I wanted to verify the Bellydancing class you were referring to in class was the one on the 22nd. I will be signing up for that one as well.

    thanks so much!
    Nadine :)

    • This class will be a pay as you go until the end of the year. If attendance warrants(meaning if I get at least four regular attendees), I will offer it as a Series beginning in January. Hope to see you there!!

  4. Hi , Bettie
    I had a lovely time at your studio last night for the Relax and restore class. Thank you so much. Very glad to visit with you. I will try to visit again soon. Best of wishes to you. Xoxo Dawn

  5. Dawn. Lots of love, Subtle Sister!! You are always welcome at any event I host. Drop me a line to let me know you are interested, and we will make it happen if there is room!! Big hugs.

  6. Hello,
    If my husband and I wanted to drop in this Saturday (24th) for the beginner class @9am would we be able to?
    Just didn’t know how full your Saturday class was. :)


    • We would love to have you. The class is being cancelled until January. Could you come Monday night at 7:30? That class is very gentle and beginner appropriate.

    • Hi Kelly!!! Unfortunately, that class ended on the 24th. Are you available on Monday nights? I teach a class at 7:30 called Unwind that is pretty Gentle and slow. It would be a great place to begin. If you are looking for something a little more athletic in nature, my class at 6, Fusion Level 1/2 would be perfect. I hope we see you there!!!

  7. New to Mint Hill (and NC). Have never done Yoga but heard the health benefits are phenomenal. Do you have a beginner’s class? Would love to give it a try.

  8. Hi, interested in a beginner class. I’m 51, male and have lower back pain issues.

    • Hi Carlos!
      There is a Beginner class tomorrow(Saturday) at 10am if you can make it, and another one on Thursdays at 4:30. Basically you are safe in any class on our schedule as a Beginner EXCEPT Align and Flow on Monday night, which is for folks that have been practicing for a while. I hope you make it to a class soon. I would love to meet you! Bettie

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